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iPhone 4 Back Glass Replacement


Our replacement service for the iPhone 4 back glass cover can be completed in less than an hour.

We can also replace the back glass with a metal back if you prefer.

The obvious advantage of the metal back is that it is not so easily breakable, but iphone metal back covers also come in a range of colors and styles so why not customise your iPhone 4 while repairing it. (shown below)

Standard metal back covers are available at the same price as a metal back repair. Patterned / etched back covers are slightly more expensive.

iPhone 4 Metal Back available in a variety of colors

Add some extra style to your iPhone 4 with out patterned metal backs. Priced only a fraction higher than the regular back glass, the attractively designed back metal plate provides more damage protection than the original back cover. We will also return the original back glass to you just in case you ever need to return the iPhone to Apple under warranty.

Replacing the back glass will NOT void warranty as long as the original parts are put back before returning. (we will also put the original back on for you, free of charge if you ever need us to)

iPhone 4 Patterned Metal Back iPhone 4 Patterned Metal Back in Gold


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