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iPhone 3GS LCD Screen Replacement

iPhone Cracked, Bleeding LCD Replacement


Although it is less common to break the iPhone 3GS LCD screen, it can happen. 

It is usually the iPhone 3GS touch screen and glass that breaks first, but if you see bleeding, cracks or lines on the display or the display is blank (white or black), you may need to have this part replaced.

Our iPhone 3GS LCD Screen replacement service is very fast and can usually be performed in under 1 hour.

NOTE:  if your display is dark but still readable, you have a different problem altogether. A dim lcd (no backlight) is usually caused from water damage or a short circuit on the LCD connector and causes motherboard damage. On the 3GS this can often be repaired, but requires a highly experienced technician, so bring it in and we will do it for you.

If both your LCD and touch screen/glass are damaged, please check our page for iPhone 3GS LCD, Touch Screen and Glass Replacement Service.

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